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Manage group events. Easily.

We aim to create a tool that will alleviate all the stress and struggle of event management so we can focus on participating in activities we love.

Struggle getting your friends together?

Organising an activity with your friends isn't easy. You need to decide on what to do and when, then gather the group itself, learn everyones availability, who will and will not participate, then keep reminding about the upcoming event and, if someone is no longer available - find new participants and onboard them... (And then repeat all this for the next event)

👋 👋 👋

We're a small team of people who likes participating in group activities, but also hate the struggle of making them happen. For this reason we aim to create a tool that would alleviate all this stress and allow us to focus on the activities that we love.

With recurring events you'll only need to set it up once and we'll send out invitations and reminders before each activity.

Repeat easily


Gather all your like-minded friends into a club where they will be able to see all club events, participate in them and create new ones.

Get everyone together


If you want more people to join a specific event - you can invite guests to participate in the specific activity without joining your club.

Invite guests


We'll use Google sign-in to ensure its not just easy to join Club hub, but also super safe as we won't store any personal data of yours.

Safe and easy connect


All club members will receive reminders about upcoming events and will be able to easily mark their participation ability.

Don't miss events


Short feature explanation



It's not a full list, but here are some things we aim to have with the first iteration.


Want to be the first to try it?

It's in progress...

Club hub is still in the workings, but if you share the struggle and want to make event organisation easy for you and your group:

Leave us your contact email and we'll inform you as soon as the app is ready for you to try!

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